How To Get A Six Pack

How To Get A Six Pack

If you’re looking to develop a strong core and want to know how to get a six pack this video will give you some pointers on where to start. Using the exercise below you can improve most floor based core exercises so you’re not wasting your time at the gym!

Exercising your core will help strengthen your core but all the crunches, ab bends, and ab twists in the world WILL NOT directly burn the fat off your stomach. I can’t repeat that enough…It kills me watching people wiggle around on the floor and stability balls, wondering why the hell they are’t losing the fat from their stomach. That ain’t gonna get ya there folks, that’s not how to get a six pack.

You Also Need

Proper nutrition, and an overall fitness program to lower your fat mass low enough to showcase the six pack you’ve built!

Six packs are built in the gym but seen in the kitchen!



  1. I love that back rolling thing you explained – feels so good, lifts my mood up.

    They key (like you explained) is to work on getting lower-back and hips flat on the floor. Once I did that, then you feel it.

    Thanks for posting.

  2. Great points here. The general premise is just like any other exercise- keeping a higher time under tension will lead to greater results; like resting at the end of every rep on a dumbbell chest press. I’ll definitely try the rolling and also your tips in working on my Turkish getup!

    • Hey Chuck, Yes the flooring of the low back will really help during Turkish Get Ups particularly if you’re using heavy weights.

  3. I am really thankful to the owner of this website who has shared this great article at here.

  4. Great instructions on exercises. Thanks for posting.

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