When Was The Last Time You…

When Was The Last Time You…

Ask yourself, when was the last time you…

1. Sprinted. Like really let it loose? I’m talking full speed, like when your high school sweethearts mom walked in on the two of you! Run for your life!!!

Your body is meant to sprint. Yep, you’ll be tired and sweaty. Your lungs will burn and your heart will beat so hard you’ll wonder how it manages to stay in your chest.

What an interesting and amazing experience! Embrace it, it’s yours.

2. Performed a cart-wheel. Watching grown adults (particularly men) do cartwheels is absolutely hilarious. What happened? When did we stop being able to do cartwheels?

3. Got dirty. Really filthy. Like stomping in puddles and playing in the rain kinda dirty. The kind of dirty where you have to take your clothes off in the garage before you come inside, dirty.

4. Felt the earth on your skin. When was the last time you dove into a huge pile of leaves. Rake em up, jump in, and rake em again. What about climbing a tree.  How high can you get?

When was the last time you looked up from the grass and created pictures and stories from the clouds? What do you see?

It’s winter now, go sledding and run back up the hill, build a snow fort, have a snowball fight. Get going before it melts!

5. Tried a handstand. Could you ever do a handstand? Can you now? Thinking about trying?

6. Kept going after you got tired. Think you’re finished? Are you sure you don’t have more in the tank? One more time? One more round? Just 5 more minutes? Do you really have to go inside now?

Perform one more rep, one more exercise.

7. Laughed until you cried. Life is good when this is happening.

8. Dreamed really really big. Have your grand desires and goals become distant memories? Life is still an endless realm of possibilities. What did you envision yourself doing? What did you dream of achieving?

Get going, you still can.

9. Made up a game to play. Today we’re spectators. We pay a fortune to sit on the sidelines and watch other people have all the fun.

Why play video games? Instead go outside and be Kobe Bryant! Go play, make your own rules

10. Challenged yourself. Go set a personal record. Your fastest 100 yard sprint, mile, push up or pullup total, or max deadlift.

Challenge yourself by setting a time frame to improve and beat that record!

11. Left your comfort zone. They say success lies just outside your comfort zone. Are you intimidated by going to the gym and working out? Amazing things will happen there.

12. Tried something new? What can you go try? Right now, today?

Wasn’t being a kid fun…I haven’t stopped. Have you?

Get out, get moving, go play. Exercise is fun!



  1. Great stuff. Gotta enjoy your workouts and have fun. Like skiing on some badass slopes in maine. Right luke!

  2. good post.. i may print this one off and save it..

    i try to challenge myself whenever i can… to try new workouts.. to introduce some high intensity.. to stick with my diet plans and eat clean… to connect with my world around me…

    im not perfect, but getting better every day.

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