I remember feeling like I was going to puke. Some people did puke. I never did, thank god. I do remember wanting to quit though. Why was I doing this?

It was a hot and humid summer day in Illinois. I was at football practice, and we were running forty second drills.

A forty second drill is when you run across the width of a football field four times. The entire team had to do it in under forty seconds or we ran it again.

Our coach’s favorite tagline was “one excuse is as good as another.” I absolutely hated when he said it.

But it was true, it didn’t matter if you were sore from yesterdays practice, or tired from today’s. You still had to finish, your excuse to why you couldn’t, didn’t matter.

Here at Live Great Fitness I’m always talking about the importance of a good reason to exercise. It’s your WHY. Your why is the anchor holding you in place when the winds of doubt and defeat blow.

Times will get tough. You’ll want to quit. You’ll question why you’re even trying.

Motivational droughts happen. When they do, we welcome EXCUSES like rain clouds. They let us off the hook, relieving us of responsibility.

It’s the circumstances… “I would, but I don’t have time,” It wasn’t my choice, so it’s not my failure.

It was the lack of money. Healthy food is too expensive. I wish I could…

Working out alone is hard. I’m too old to exercise. Exercise is boring. I’m too fat to go to the gym. I’m too out of shape. My back hurts. Gyms are intimidating. I hate sweating. I don’t want to be sore.

You can come up with a million EXCUSES for why you can’t. It doesn’t matter though, “one excuse is as good as another.”  They’re all the same.

You can choose the most convenient excuse, wrap a bow around it, make it look pretty, and hug it tight. But it will quickly become a thief robbing you of your dreams.

It chains you to the HERE and NOW. To being overweight and tired, to unhealthy and unhappy. Rid yourself of it and move forward to better, to Living Great!

A million excuses are no match for the power of a good WHY! A GREAT WHY always wins.

So WHY do you want to exercise? To lose weight? Why? To look better? For who, you? Your spouse? Will it increase your self esteem, will you have sex more often? That’s your WHY!

Are you exercising to be healthy? Why? To live longer? Why? To spend time with your love ones? What will you do with that extra time with your loved ones. That’s your WHY!

Are you exercising to gain confidence? What will you do with your confidence? Where will it take you? What will you accomplish with it? That’s your WHY!

Keep digging into your why. Then, dig some more. Find the real why.

Embrace your WHY. Hug it tight, it will save you and protect you from thieves.