Below is a video guide for a complete stretching routine that I use with clients.

Mobility and flexibility are often limiting factors affecting proper movement patterns. Without proper movement patterns, fully engaging muscle groups becomes impossible.

You’re left “making the shape” rather than “doing the movement.” Sure, it looks like a lunge, but is far less effective than a truly engaged lunge!

Spend a bit of time each day gaining the flexibility and mobility to properly perform exercises, and workouts become far more efficient and effective. Mechanics matter, this will help!

You may not need to do every stretch. Find areas of tension unique to you and spend time mobilizing those areas.

I myself have to maximize time spent on my left hip, specifically working the TFL muscle, as it’s often tight.

Identifying what I call “repetitive patterns of stress” is also important. These are positions you likely spend a great deal of time in, and create postural and movement dysfunction. Finding and eliminating these patterns is key to removing dysfunction, and increasing mobility.

When working on my computer, I tend to tuck my left leg into the cross legged position for prolonged periods of time. This leads to a tightened TFL. Awesome, I’ve identified the RPS (repetitive pattern of stress), now I need to stop doing it for so long! Easier said then done, I know.

If your work environment places you in a RPS that are unavoidable, stretching the affected muscles routinely, becomes necessary.

Think of the videos below as tools in your toolbox, come back to them as needed.

I am able to get through the entire routine in about 13 minutes.

A final thought on stretching, consistency is key. Spending an hour stretching after you become super tight or injured, isn’t the way to go.

You are far better spending 3-5 minutes each day (multiple times if possible) working on your mobility/flexibility. Set the alarm a few minutes earlier, and budget some time before bed, it’s that simple.

I prefer this order of stretching if possible.

Quad and Psoas

Thoracic Extension, TFL, Piriformis

Three Point Hip

Three Point Ham Band and Calf


Standing Adductor

Squat Stretch

Door Pec and Bicep

Overhead Shoulder and Lat