A Complete Stretching Routine

Below is a video guide for a complete stretching routine that I use with clients.

Mobility and flexibility are often limiting factors affecting proper movement patterns. Without proper movement patterns, fully engaging muscle groups becomes impossible.

You’re left “making the shape” rather than “doing the movement.” Sure, it looks like a lunge, but is far less effective than a truly engaged lunge!

Spend a bit of time each day gaining the flexibility and mobility to properly perform exercises, and workouts become far more efficient and effective. Mechanics matter, this will help!

You may not need to do every stretch. Find areas of tension unique to you and spend time mobilizing those areas.

I myself have to maximize time spent on my left hip, specifically working the TFL muscle, as it’s often tight.

Identifying what I call “repetitive patterns of stress” is also important. These are positions you likely spend a great deal of time in, and create postural and movement dysfunction. Finding and eliminating these patterns is key to removing dysfunction, and increasing mobility.

When working on my computer, I tend to tuck my left leg into the cross legged position for prolonged periods of time. This leads to a tightened TFL. Awesome, I’ve identified the RPS (repetitive pattern of stress), now I need to stop doing it for so long! Easier said then done, I know.

If your work environment places you in a RPS that are unavoidable, stretching the affected muscles routinely, becomes necessary.

Think of the videos below as tools in your toolbox, come back to them as needed.

I am able to get through the entire routine in about 13 minutes.

A final thought on stretching, consistency is key. Spending an hour stretching after you become super tight or injured, isn’t the way to go.

You […]

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DON’T use this!

There is ONE fitness and diet program you should ABSOLUTELY NOT use, if you want to lose weight, gain muscle, look better naked, or reach ANY of your health and fitness goals.

Sadly, this is the most widely used program in the world.

If I had to guess, there’s a chance you’ve used this EXACT program before. I’ve used it many times. Sometimes I slip and find myself using it again.

This program is so incredibly common, you might be using it now!

To make matters worse, this program is free and can impact ANY goal, not just your health and fitness goals.
It’s called the Tomorrow Program.
Tomorrow I’ll go to the gym. I don’t have time today.

Tomorrow I’ll wake up early, I’ll hit the snooze button today.

Tomorrow I will eat healthy. The grocery store is too busy right now.

Tomorrow I’ll go to that bootcamp class, it fits my schedule better.

Tomorrow I will cook, today I will have take out.

Sometimes we don’t realize we are using the Tomorrow Program. It grows quickly like a weed and can take over your life.

Often we pretend that weed is a flower. We nurture it, water it, and HELP it grow –“Sure, I’m available today, I can always workout tomorrow.”

Tomorrow will always be full of that days stuff. Your boss will ask you to work late, your car might break down, or you’ll be tired.

Tomorrows stuff will rob you of your dreams of today. Never lose an opportunity to be in the NOW. If you have time today, take action today. Go for a walk, cook that healthy meal, or head to the gym and complete your workout.

Ready to leave the Tomorrow Program behind?

Check out the Live Great Fitness Quick Fit Guide, it’s the simplest way […]

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How To Get A Six Pack

If you’re looking to develop a strong core and want to know how to get a six pack this video will give you some pointers on where to start. Using the exercise below you can improve most floor based core exercises so you’re not wasting your time at the gym!

Exercising your core will help strengthen your core but all the crunches, ab bends, and ab twists in the world WILL NOT directly burn the fat off your stomach. I can’t repeat that enough…It kills me watching people wiggle around on the floor and stability balls, wondering why the hell they are’t losing the fat from their stomach. That ain’t gonna get ya there folks, that’s not how to get a six pack.
You Also Need
Proper nutrition, and an overall fitness program to lower your fat mass low enough to showcase the six pack you’ve built!

Six packs are built in the gym but seen in the kitchen!


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How To Start Exercising

If you’re out of shape and wondering how to start exercising this video is for you.

The how to start exercising video is a simple, but effective workout for beginners. All you need is a dumbbell! You will be surprised how far this workout can take you.

This workout for beginners covers the core movements you need to do when you start exercising.

The cool thing is as your fitness level and strength grows you can easily adjust the weight, add more reps, and pick up the tempo. All of which are easy ways to increase the intensity of  the workout!
Watch The Video Below To Get Started!

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Don’t Be Such An Ass, Go Play!

As a kid you didn’t workout, you played.  But, playing was an exhausting workout. Times have change…

As a kid if a big snowstorm hit you’d ask…. “Can I go outside and play in the snow?”

As an adult you think…… I can’t workout today, it’s snowing.”

Embrace Your Inner Child!

Layer up and get out there!  Go sledding, RUN back up the hill. Build a snow fort. Build a snow man. Tackle the snow man. Rebuild the snowman. “I’m tired.”

Kids:  “You wanna go ride around?” That’s what we called it when we jumped on our BMX bikes and rode from one friends house to the next.

Adults:  We install the bike rack, load our bikes on, and drive somewhere to ride. Adding the extra steps makes it too much work.

Just Ride: Don’t pick a destination just go where the wind takes you and see where you end up.

Take the hilly routes. Do a few hill repeats.
Put it in a hard gear and work your leg muscles.
Stand up and sprint for blocks at a time.
Ramp off curbs, pop wheelies, and of course like mom said, wear your helmet.
My favorite…hop off and knock out some push ups. Yea you’ll look funny, who cares.

If You Can’t Beat Em Join Em!

I’ve joked with clients that the best “follow along” exercise video would be kids playing at a park. Your workout consists of repeating everything the kids do. They jump up and down, you jump up and down. They spin in a circle, you spin in a circle. They sprint, fall, laugh, chase, you do the same.

When you’re done you’ll be smoked!

Not your kids? You probably shouldn’t be the creator of these exercise videos. Dateline will find you! Just saying.

Happening At a Park Near You:

Like cattle drivers tending a herd, parents mosey behind their kids while they play. The saddest case I’ve seen was a young girl kicking a soccer ball as hard as she could, while her mom sat on the […]

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6 Awesome Pieces of Exercise Equipment You Don’t Have To Have

You already own the most innovative and ONLY piece of exercise equipment you need, your body! It alone will take you far. A few dumbbells, resistance bands, bench, or stability ball can take you further.

If you’re turning into a fitness junkie or getting bored with your workouts here’s 6 pieces of equipment to mix up your workout. Some are expensive, hence the title 6 Awesome Pieces of Equipment You DON’T Have to Have.
1. TRX
 Why: Most exercises using the TRX require you to engage your core as you take your body through space (fits nicely into The Live Great Fitness Philosophy). Thanks to the core engagement and large number of muscles used to perform exercises it gets you heart rate up as well. The TRX is one of my favorite pieces of equipment.

Throw it over a piece of playground equipment, low hanging tree, around a pole, and workout locations are endless. It comes with a door anchor to train inside. Small and light it’s a great piece of travel equipment.

How Much: $199.  Personally I think it’s an over-priced. It’s just some straps right? Here’s a tutorial for a homemade version. For me its worth the $199, making my own would be disastrous. I’m not exactly what you would call a handy man.

Ceiling mounts and ‘tree’ attachments that you reach taller trees are extra.

Where: http://www.trxtraining.com/

2.  Rings:

Why: Like the TRX rings are also small, light, and travel well making them an awesome piece of equipment. Ring Dips and Muscle Ups are two of my favorite exercises, but are advanced for some. Rings allow you to do Inverted Rows another great exercise.

The TRX offers more exercises whereas Rings allow you to do more advanced movements.

How Much: $72. Comes in wood or plastic.

Where: http://www.roguefitness.com/

3.  Sliders aka Furniture Movers:

 Why: Sliders require core engagement, travel well, and are a great way to increase the intensity of basic movements like push-ups. They also decrease the stress on joints during movements like mountain climbers. And they’re dirt cheap!

Where:  Head to Ace Hardware and ask for a set of furniture movers. “Exercise Sliders” […]

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The Live Great Fitness Exercise Philosophy

At Live Great Fitness, we favor training our body as a whole, using functional multi-joint movements, moving our body through space with an engaged core, training smarter not harder, and using proper form.
1. Functional Multi-Joint Movements
Functional movements mimic natural movement patterns. Cornerstone movements include Squatting, Deadlifting, Pushing, Pulling, and Engaging Your Core.

Master these movements and you can perform most exercises!

Functional movements require minimal equipment, move your body through space and are easy to change the intensity of.

Moving from an inclined Push-Up, to a regular Push-Up, and then a decline Push-Up is one example of changing the intensity of a Push-Up.

These movements increase the intensity, efficiently burning calories, building muscle, and increasing your overall fitness.

Think of multi-joint as multi-tasking! The result?

A fit you in less time and a body that moves and functions properly. All without the need for expensive machines and gym memberships.
2. Body Through Space With An Engaged Core
Activating your core while moving through space is crucial to injury prevention.

The ultimate testament to a strong core and the physique to show for it is a gymnast. Both men and woman sport impressive physiques while rarely training with weights. The focus instead is on moving their body through space with an engaged core.

Your core is more than just a 6 pack.

Think of your core as your infrastructure. Without a strong infrastructure it’s impossible to build a lean healthy physique. A strong active core allows you to safely and effectively move your body through space.

3. Training Smarter Not Harder
A “No Pain No Gain” attitude is NOT part of what Living Great is about.

By exercising smarter and using proper form not having pain is part of what you can hope to gain!

The most common mistake of training harder and not smarter are training too often and too long.

Have a full days rest between working the same muscle groups. This makes a 3 day a week full-body training […]

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