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Small Business Solutions

Are you a small business interested in providing health and fitness solutions to your workers?

Working in the seated position often leads to poor posture, undesirable physiques, knee pain, back pain, and headaches. Many people workout attempting to fix these problems, but don’t know exactly how.

Most people are unaware specific stretches and exercises are needed and that the wrong exercises actually worsens the problem!

The Solution:  At your place of business I provide a dynamic and proactive workshop that teaches you how to exercise with regards to workplace posture

What To Expect

  • Exercise and Stretching Instruction: I teach the most important and difficult exercises and stretches in person
  • Daily strategies to help maintain proper posture in the workplace
  • A complete Postural Corrective Exercise Program that can be performed at a gym or the home (delivered digitally with video tutorials)

If you’re intrested in a workshop for your employeess and want more information email luke@livegreatfitness.com

Here’s what a few people had to say about a few recent Seminars

Peter – Learned A Lot

Luke recently spoke at my work. As someone who has always worked out I was surprised that aches and pains had started becoming common place. I learned that some of the exercises I was doing at the gym weren’t good for me because I spend so much time at a desk. I even found out that some exercises I was performing wrong! The information Luke shared was very applicable and he made it easy to understand. I specifically liked how he made the exerciser applicable to everyday life like getting up and down off the floor, and pending over to pick up my work bag. Definitely worth my attendance I learned a lot.

Christina – Back on Track!

“I recently attended one of Luke’s seminars. I have been active all my life but never put much thought into what I ate. I started developing bad habits in my mid 20s and I have struggled to get back on track. Luke’s seminar provided the spark I needed to get me in the right frame of mind. Luke explained that fitness is a process that is fueled by knowledge. We are bombarded every day by companies that advertise unhealthy foods, and fitness equipment and diet pills that promise a quick fix for our poor choices.

Luke addressed many of the sociological and psychological reasons why we all struggle to reach our fitness goals. Having this knowledge has made me a better consumer and has gotten me back on track. Thanks Luke!”

Rebecca – Just the kickstart I needed.

“I attended Luke DePron’s Health and Fitness Seminar with anticipation of being told to eat less and exercise more in order to lose weight. What I did not expect was his ability to motivate! Luke discussed nutrition and explained how the human body processes food. Luke discussed the pitfalls of consuming popular processed or otherwise nutritionally void food, passed along feedback from his clients who had made dietary changes and the positive impact those changes had upon their bodies, and offered realistic strategies to achieve a more healthful diet. Not only were his clients feeling better after making suggested changes, but they were also losing weight!

Luke also presented information about a core set of exercises that everyone would benefit from doing. He discussed the impact muscle mass has upon metabolism, calorie burning, and overall body shape. After a brief demonstration, Luke worked with participants to ensure they understood the necessary body mechanics and proper form.

What I liked most about Luke’s approach was that he developed a strategy after working with many clients and seeing that everyone had common struggles. My motivation came from seeing other, regular people with similar challenges accomplishing big goals following reasonably simple strategies. The money spent on Luke’s class was well worth it and was just the kickstart I needed!”

Michelle – Best part is how I feel!

“Last year I decided it was time to make myself a priority and shed the weight I put on during my pregnancy…I’ve waited long enough, my son is 10. I had tried every fad diet known to man, and I always gained the weight back. Until I met Luke, and attended his Live Great Fitness seminar in December. Luke explained how the more junk we eat, our bodies crave more junk.

By following his advice and eliminating processed foods from my diet, paired with PROPER exercise, I have started losing weight. But the best part is how I feel… I no longer have migraines, my gallbladder hasn’t bothered me at all, my skin is clear, and I am sleeping great. Luke definitely has the experience and knowledge to back up what he is teaching. I would highly recommend his seminar.”