“Not enough words can describe how unmatched my experience has been with Luke as a fitness coach. I was looking for a bodily transformation, a healthy lifestyle change – and he exceeded my expectations. My goal was to build muscle mass and improve my mobility/flexibility due to my day-to-day desk job. Luke actively consulted with me from day 1, and developed a specialized fitness plan specific to my needs. Our routines were not only effective, they were extremely educational. Luke is very knowledgeable with the physiological, biochemical and nutritional aspects of the human body. As a trainer, and now as a close friend, I attribute Luke to the highest of standards and would recommend his vast expertise to all who are seeking a fitness makeover.”
Taking My Fitness To The Next Level!

“Luke is spot-on! I was looking for help improving mobility and to learn muscle mechanics in order to improve my progress in the gym and take my lifting to the next level! Luke, at Live Great Fitness, not only knows what he’s doing, but he’s also a tremendous teacher and is able to notice little tweaks that can be made for amazing results. Only 5 sessions with Luke, and I learned more about proper lifting technique and muscle mechanics than years in the gym. He has definitely helped take my fitness to the next level! Highly recommend!”

“I am writing this review in regards to the awesome experience I had with Luke DePron at Live Great Fitness. I am an athletic guy who works a manual labor job up and down ladders all day. I thought I was in decent shape but wanted to tone up and have some definition. I was lucky enough to have 10 sessions with Luke and they were all I needed to learn the key fundamentals. I have taken those fundamentals and incorporated them into my everyday job and also workouts on my own. Luke is very patient, attentive, and easy to train with. A lot of people think a trainer might be intimidating but he is the exact opposite. I am 100% satisfied with his training skills and services. I hope this helps people out there that want to learn the correct way to workout and get the most results out of limited gym time.”
“I am a 37 year old guy that never really felt comfortable at the gym. I look back now and realize this is probably because I had no idea where to start or what to do when I was there. I have had the pleasure to be working with Luke for almost 6 months now. The next time I go to the gym, I know I will feel confident and be working out correctly. This confidence has come from being coached by Luke. Luke is one of the nicest guys I have met. From our very first meeting Luke was motivating, positive and passionate about helping me achieve my goals. Luke will kick your butt and you will see results. I’ve not only lost weight by being coached by Luke but my overall life is healthier. I sleep better, I’m more active and I’m generally a happier person. I just wish I found Luke earlier in life! I would recommend Luke Depron as a coach in a heartbeat to anyone looking to live a better, healthier life.”
“I had the opportunity to train with Luke DePron recently, and our session was amazing.

Now when I say amazing, I don’t just mean I was sore and I used muscles I had never used before, what I mean is that I learned more about fitness, my body, and how to exercise property, than in any fitness session I had ever had.

Luke is a great teacher, knowledgeable about the body, and has a way to convey fitness principles so that I wanted to learn more. I am so grateful to have been connected with Luke. I can see with his support,
I can’t help but get healthier!”

“I had a session with Luke on Nov. 16/15 while I was in San Diego and was blown away by his knowledge of mobility and movement mechanics.

I’m a desk worker and long time fitness junkie and without mentioning a single pain point, Luke found all of my areas where I had limited range of motion and went right to work on them.

I left his office with increased range of motion and a clear plan on what to do next.

I’ll work with him every chance I get. He’s a rare breed in the fitness world and what he charges is ridiculously low compared to his skill level with getting results.”

“I came to Luke at Live Great Fitness having suffered from low back pain for almost two years. I tried many different avenues to resolve it (chiropractor, acupuncture, yoga, etc.). Nothing seemed to work. I was about to give up on being able to do any sort of workouts or physical activities. However, within one session with Luke, I was able to have a great workout with no pain! Luke identified some opportunities with how my body was working, and with stretching and re-training my body to lift properly I was able to go through an entire workout with no pain. In fact, the daily pain that I was experiencing also subsided. Today I am more fit, pain-free and learning the steps to keep it that way on my own!”


“When I found Luke I had just had a horrible experience with a personal trainer and was skeptical to say the least. My first day with him I found him to be completely open, and easy to talk to. He spent and entire hour talking and getting to know me and what I wanted from this experience. He then told me how he could help and what he could and could not do for me. This honest conversation was a relief from all the bad trainers out there who promise the world just to get your money. Our first day of trainer was him putting me to the test and forming a plan to help with my weaknesses and how to increase my overall fitness. It was such an uplifting experience that I could not wait for the next session. Each time I learn so much from him about my body and how to move it efficiently and increase my strength, flexibility and agility. Exactly what I needed to reach my fitness goals. I have never had such a great, more inspirational and challenging time at the gym. Luke has changed my life!!”
“I am extremely pleased with Luke’s personal training. Luke designed a program which permits me to work out without letting my limitations get in the way. I have lost thirteen pounds in the past 3 months and feel much more physically fit. Luke’s background is a big plus and greatly helps him understand my issues and work around them. In addition, the training studio is very nice and comfortable. Luke’s got a great personality and he motivates me! I recommend Luke to everyone who wants to get in shape without reservation.”
“As a steady client of Luke’s for almost 2 years, I would completely recommend him to anyone who is serious about having a lean, strong, athletic body based on a healthy lifestyle.  We all have different physical needs, and Luke’s education and experience have tailored a program which has directly addressed my body’s issues.  I have struggled w/ degenerative disks for almost 20 years, but since training w/ Luke for the past 2 years, the weakness & resulting sciatic pain from my disks have practically disappeared.

My legs & core body are “athletically strong” thanks to his strategy of full-body workouts, and my metabolism has greatly increased — at 44 I have no problem skiing, playing football, cycling, working out, etc.  I am in better shape than many guys 10 or more years younger than me.

Luke has also taught me a great deal about the importance of nutrition, primarily by his own example.  As I keep training w/ Luke, I continue to learn more about what it takes to have an active, healthy & attractive body — naturally, through good nutrition & staying disciplined.

He really does “walk the talk” and his genuine, healthy lifestyle has given me a rare example of how to balance training and nutrition, without falling for commercialized hype.  I highly recommend Luke’s program and his consultation.  His work has helped me get into the best physical shape that I can remember.”

Jean – “Whenever I have tried to start a new exercise routine or ramp up my current one, my low back would always hurt. It was very frustrating until I met Luke! His attention to detail and his correcting the smallest posture changes in my hips, knees, feet and back has made such a difference that I am doing exercises and toning muscles I haven’t been able to do before. I feel so much stronger and more fit than I have in years. My back has cooperated perfectly, because I have Luke guiding me in what to do and how to do it. I am holding weights while lunging and doing dead lifts that I never thought were possible! It is so wonderful to be able to exercise, get stronger, and not have my back hurt!”
Greg M – 

“I started seeing Luke when my Chiropractor recommend I work out with him. I was suffering from severe neck and back pain from years of long distance cycling and sitting at a computer for 8+ hours a day for work. The combination of the two had severely changed my posture causing the discomfort and pain. I have also struggled for years with depression and anxiety. When I first began working out with Luke I weighed about 180 pounds, had a huge belly and hated looking at myself in the mirror, especially with my shirt off. Ive worked with many trainers over the years. They were always changing my routines, having me do a lot of cardio and putting strain on my body. I never stuck to the routine as the amount of time that was required to work out took up 10+ hours a week. Well of course like most people, I did not have this much time to set aside for working out each week and eventually stopped going all together. Since January of 2015 I have been working out with Luke consistently 2x per week (about 2 hours a week), and lost almost 20 pounds in 6 months! My posture has improved tremendously and I can finally look in the mirror and like what I see. My self confidence has gone improved and gets better each day! Luke is great at challenging me to keep up with my workouts when I am out of town traveling and reminding me of the importance of stretching as part of my normal day to day routine! Luke really imphosies that its not about the number of hours you work out each week, but how you do it! It is not necessary to work out for hours on end each day to get that great body! I highly recommend working out with Luke, especially if you’re looking to streamline your workouts and give yourself some time back! I joke with Luke that he is my 2nd therapist as I tend to share with him whats going on in my life each week. He always has great words of wisdom to share and I always leave feeling better ten when I came (of course the endorphins help too) ha! He’s a lot of fun to work with and a really great person! You won’t regret it I promise!

As an Olympic hopeful, working with Luke has made such a positive impact on my training and athletic career. I have been working with Luke for over a year, and he has helped me build amazing strength and stability towards my sport. I have seen great advances in areas that were so weak before.

We have built such an excellent friendship together, and he makes my work out fun. He always has a smile on his face, and best of all he is always honest. He will tell me when something is not right for me or when I need to be focusing on certain maneuver more. He is always focused on efficiency so that you never harm yourself, and are gaining the most out of each routine. He will give me certain exercises and stretches to try and incorporate into my daily workout, so that I can have the best possible experience with him and get the most out of myself.

Luke is a fountain of information on an array of topics. Not only is he excellent with understanding different mechanics of the body, but he also has extensive knowledge on all types of nutrition. He is wonderful with assessing and individual and developing a workout and nutritional regime that is best for that specific person.

I have learned a lot about myself, and about the human body through Luke. He has really helped advance my athletic career. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to improve on his or her body mechanics, diet, and enjoys working out with influential individual.”

Rachel Seaman – 2012 Olympian and Canadian Record Holder (Track & Field, 20km Racewalk)

“Working with Luke has completely transformed me and has revitalized my athletic career. I have gone from barely being able to lift a bar to lifting well over my body weight with complete confidence. I feel so fortunate to be working with Luke as he cares about all the details and that’s what makes all the difference. Can’t wait to see what results this brings as I train towards the Olympics in 2016. “

Pat Kelly – Senior Olympic and Softball Competitor

Dead lifts, kettle bell swings, Romanian lifts, lunges, and squats were all very intimidating to me.  I knew I needed strength training in order to improve my running times and softball performance, but I didn’t know how or where to begin. Jonathan Pierce from Fix Body Group suggested that I make an appointment with Luke DePron at Fix for a workout session.  I am very glad that I followed his advice. From the beginning, Luke has been a knowledgeable, kind, patient and gifted trainer.

He understands my needs and has focused on sport-specific strength exercises that have improved my performances in both master’s track and senior softball. Weight training doesn’t come naturally to me, but Luke has been very patient and always has an encouraging word.  His intense focus on form and his attention to detail motivate me to work harder. His excitement over a well-executed dead lift is contagious, and when I get it right, he makes me feel like I have just won a gold medal.

At first, I had planned to workout with Luke for a few sessions, and then I would workout on my own; however, Luke’s professional manner and his expertise has changed my mind. I learn something new in every session, and I value the knowledge and encouragement I get from our workout sessions. I look forward to improving my technique and form, as well as my strength, with Luke’s guidance.

Tony 30 – Getting His Abs Back! 

“Even though I used to work out a lot I didn’t see the results I wanted. I felt like my stomach always stuck out no matter how many crunches I did. Now I work out less and have lost weight and am getting back my abs that I used to have when I was younger. I have also freed up time because I don’t work out near as much as before.

It’s amazing how much time I wasting and how many things I was doing wrong.”


“Although fit for my age category, I am nonetheless a 66 yr old matron. Luke is an expert in exercise physiology. He easily adapted my goal to strive for my personal best without over taxing my physical limits. I highly recommend Luke for his knowledge, attention to detail, encouragement, and undeniable results.”

“For three years I worked out, ate, what I thought was right, but nothing took the pounds off. I tried everything, juicing, fasting, no carbs, weight watchers, Jenny Craig you name it, nothing worked. Shortly after kind of giving up hope I met Luke, he taught me that its not a diet, its a lifestyle change, I was not sacrificing food I was feeding my health and exercising my heart and my soul.

Because of his persistence and some of the reading he had me do I got clued in to the fact that I may have a thyroid problem. It was since diagnosed and I have been being treated effectively by a great Naturopathic Physician. I have lost over 30 lbs but most importantly I feel great.

I challenge myself in my workouts to feed my soul and keep my heart and mind healthy. I eat nothing processed and because of that I have had weight loss success but more importantly I have had no more symptoms of hypothyroidism that patients can sometimes have for their whole life.

I don’t think Luke realizes how much he means to me, but when my faith and my will to succeed was gone he picked me up and dusted me off and made me keep going. Thank you Luke! I owe most of my health success to you! The rest I will take credit for, I did all those darn burpees that made it all matter!!!”

“I have worked out with a trainer for years. After working out with Luke, he has corrected my posture and my body stance. Now I am aware of proper form and how to position my body. I am getting more out of my workouts and at the same time, protecting my body from injury. I think differently now as I workout. It has been a positive experience.”
“Luke DePron is spot on with his training and techniques! I had a knee injury and not only did he help me understand the nature of the condition but he helped me improve my overall strength, posture, and ultimately my running form. While working with Luke, I could feel my body getting stronger and he provided me with a lot of exercises and good practices to continue my improvement which led to me becoming a better runner and athlete! Luke is extremely patient and is able to modify exercises based on individual needs. I would strongly recommend him as a trainer, coach, and advisor to anyone who needs help with an injury, strength training or overall improvement!”
“Luke’s knowledge and skills were obvious to me from the first meeting I had with him. He’s straightforward and honest, which I love. When I first came to him, I had been doing CrossFit for a little less than a year and was starting to have trouble with my shoulder and he immediately determined I was having some mobility issues. My coaches and friends have noticed the changes and things are finally starting to feel the way they are supposed to. I was so frustrated that my body was holding me back. Thanks to just a few sessions with Luke, now the sky is the limit.
“I met Luke when he was the strength and rehab specialist where I was being treated for a strained groin.
As triathlete, my training is pretty specific. After an evaluation with Luke, he was able to pinpoint the corrections I needed to make with my training and as to why I had injured my groin.
He worked with me to help strengthen the areas surrounding my groin to prevent any further injury. After a couple of weeks the pain was mostly gone. After about a month I was almost back to where I was before in the injury.”
“Luke is an amazing trainer. I have always hated exercising, but Luke keeps me motivated, and I look and feel better for it. I never exercised before I started training with Luke, and would probably give up again if not for him.”

Samantha, Mom of two, attorney, and former couch potato

Tom D – “Luke helped rehabilitate me from a neck injury by designing and teaching me a workout to strengthen my entire posterior chain and correct muscle imbalances and tightness.

Luke was excellent to work with. I always found my workouts with him were far more effective than I could do on my own. He is very knowledgeable in all areas related to fitness: proper technique, nutrition and always has helpful cues to help me understand and remember exercise.

I would recommend Luke to anyone and will definitely work with him again.”

I started seeing Luke in August 2014 when I found out I had two fractures in my back and most daily activities were causing me grief. We worked together twice a week, mostly in repatterning my every day tasks (putting on my shoes, sitting down properly, picking something up off the floor) since all these menial things were causing me pain. He was excellent to work with – give me homework and exercises that were crucial I do on my own. He was also honest about recovery and gave me the proper expectations. As a 34 year old man, very active in sports, it was hard to know that some activities would just be a struggle for me. Luke helped me find work-around activities in the gym so I could still be completely active, just in a way I didn’t realize. He has been a tremendous help in the recovery process and I will continue to use him.”
“I’ve been working with Luke for 5 months and have already seen results in my overall fitness and strength. I was already active, but had never lifted weights before. I can now dead lift 115lbs! I never thought I’d be able to lift that much. I highly recommended him!”
Josh- Best Shape of His Life and Feeling Great Everyday!
“Even though I have been around for a while, I am new to the world of exercise/fitness. I have explored other fitness programs in hopes I would be inspired to stick with it. This has been the one. The program is thorough, and practical. Live Great Fitness has truly changed my life. Before this program, I did not know the first thing about a piece of gym equipment or workout routine.

After successfully making a change to my life though Live Great Fitness, I have discovered there is more to it than just exercise. It is my mental attitude, diet, and how I workout (techniques). Having an understanding of all three, adhering to the Live Great Program, and making the proper adjustments to my lifestyle, I am in the best shape of my life. I had no idea that the changing my diet ( I still eat good tasting stuff!), working out with the correct techniques, and the right attitude would take me so far!

Live Great Fitness really has changed my life. It is not as hard as I was making it out to be. I am so grateful I bought the program and gave it a chance! What is my motivation to keep going…feeling great every day I wake up!

“Luke is the best trainer I have ever had because what he taught me really works:

  • It works because the individual exercises are carefully matched to the individual being trained
  • It works over time in building strength without getting injured
  • It works in my everyday life preventing new injuries, maintaining my mobility, correcting my everyday movements and posture, allowing me to enjoy being physically active again.
  • It works because I get the results I want within the time investment I can make.

When I started working out with Luke, he had to teach me how to do deadlift as I have never done it before.  I was able to drag myself to the gym once or twice a week. I was doing all sorts of exercises and achieved little or no results. Luke taught me a handful of exercises that are the most effective to build my strength and a few simple, universal rules that apply to all exercises. I do the workouts he taught me 3 times a week, max 1 hour each time and that is sufficient to achieve the results I want. Today I work out with the intensity that I had 15 years ago. I gained confidence not only in lifting heavy, but also knowing what pain I can work through or when I should stop, how to massage my own muscles to maintain them and how to be patient in my workout. Now I understand the importance of rest in building strength. And the results are there! During vacation I walked around site-seeing for 4 days straight and I had no pain at all, no foot pain, no back pain, no shoulder pain. I weigh 145lb and deadlift 160lb.  Got this strong while still looking feminine  . Luke is awesome and I owe him a lot of gratitude for his life changing training.”


“I’ve been fortunate to work with quite a few terrific trainers since 1986 but Luke DePron is the BEST. He is not only the best trainer that I’ve worked with but is also uncommonly knowledgeable regarding corrective exercise techniques. My physical therapist was astonished yesterday by how much strength I had gained in my glutes, legs & back and my knees very rarely give me problems anymore ! Luke is personable, professional, observant, punctual, thorough, concerned for his clients’ well being, meticulous when cuing all movements and insightful with regard to body mechanics ! I’d like to keep his expertise to myself so that I can get scheduled in with him more easily but I can’t help but want to share his capabilities with others in need of a great trainer.”
Michael 42 – “Stronger than I was in my twenties”

At the age of 42 I found myself feeling softer and more sluggish than I should so I gave the Live Great Fitness program a shot. Before I worked out on the treadmill but didn’t realize my old fitness routine was so ineffective. I now know how to workout and manage my fitness properly.

As a result I feel better than ever, I’m stronger than I was in my twenties, and I get noticed more than before. During an annual conference, a colleague that I hadn’t seen since the previous conference approached me and immediately, said, “wow you look great…not that you didn’t look good before, but not like this” as she waved her hand over my chest and shoulders! I thought, Thanks Luke.”

Julian- 50 Pounds Lost, Positive Outlook, and Feeling Amazing!
“I have been training for around a year and have had amazing results. I’ve lost 50 pounds and still counting. My ultimate goal is to lose 100 pounds and with the training and techniques I’ve learned, I am on my way there. I have been a serial dieter my entire life. I have tried what seems like everything on the market, from meal replacement shakes, to counting points. Guess what? No fun. Plus, I never had long term results.

This is the first time EVER that I have had success losing more than 20 pounds and keeping it off. When I started training, I was hesitant that I wouldn’t have any success and that I was just going to learn some new techniques to add to my workout routine. I learned the importance of great form and have been continuously challenged by the routines. I have developed a whole new way of eating to support not only weight loss but a healthy lifestyle.

With my new eating habits, I have had more energy, my skin cleared up (had acne for the previous 5 years), my hair grew a ton, and I feel amazing. My attitude towards life has just changed in general. I have a more positive outlook on life, and there’s been a significant change in my attitude at work and In my personal life!”

Michelle – Best part is how I feel!

“Last year I decided it was time to make myself a priority and shed the weight I put on during my pregnancy…I’ve waited long enough, my son is 10. I had tried every fad diet known to man, and I always gained the weight back. Until I met Luke, and attended his Live Great Fitness seminar in December. Luke explained how the more junk we eat, our bodies crave more junk.

By following his advice and eliminating processed foods from my diet, paired with PROPER exercise, I have started losing weight. But the best part is how I feel… I no longer have migraines, my gallbladder hasn’t bothered me at all, my skin is clear, and I am sleeping great. Luke definitely has the experience and knowledge to back up what he is teaching. I would highly recommend his seminar.”

Rebecca – Just the kickstart I needed.

“I attended Luke DePron’s Health and Fitness Seminar with anticipation of being told to eat less and exercise more in order to lose weight. What I did not expect was his ability to motivate! Luke discussed nutrition and explained how the human body processes food. Luke discussed the pitfalls of consuming popular processed or otherwise nutritionally void food, passed along feedback from his clients who had made dietary changes and the positive impact those changes had upon their bodies, and offered realistic strategies to achieve a more healthful diet. Not only were his clients feeling better after making suggested changes, but they were also losing weight!

Luke gave us information about a core set of exercises that everyone would benefit from doing. He discussed the impact muscle mass has upon metabolism, calorie burning, and overall body shape. After a brief demonstration, Luke worked with participants to ensure they understood the necessary body mechanics and proper form.

What I liked most about Luke’s approach was that he developed a strategy after working with many clients and seeing that everyone had common struggles. My motivation came from seeing other, regular people with similar challenges accomplishing big goals following reasonably simple strategies. The money spent on Luke’s class was well worth it and was just the kickstart I needed!”

Christina – Back on Track!

“I recently attended one of Luke’s seminars. I have been active all my life but never put much thought into what I ate. I started developing bad habits in my mid 20s and I have struggled to get back on track. Luke’s seminar provided the spark I needed to get me in the right frame of mind. Luke explained that fitness is a process that is fueled by knowledge. We are bombarded every day by companies that advertise unhealthy foods, and fitness equipment and diet pills that promise a quick fix for our poor choices.

Luke addressed many of the sociological and psychological reasons why we all struggle to reach our fitness goals. Having this knowledge has made me a better consumer and has gotten me back on track. Thanks Luke!”