If you live in San Diego and want to lose weight, get fit, move better, increase your performance, or simply lead a healthier life, you’re in the right place.

Fitness Coaching: Do you want to get lose weight, reduce pain, get in shape, look, and feel great? Combining the services below I provide one on one Fitness Coaching. Using an extremely detailed eye into proper movement mechanics I ensure my clients exercise safely and effectively, so they get results.

Post Rehab Corrective Exercise: Often times after an injury there is a major gap between rehabilitation therapies and real world strength that impacts everyday activities. For many, I bridge that gap. Three years working in one of San Diego’s premier Rehab studios as a Strength and Rehab Specialist, has given me a level of experience and expertise on the importance of specific and quality movement. Using a detailed look into proper movement mechanics, I help clients coming from injury make the transition from rehab to exercise. If you’ve been injured and are interested in taking up an exercise program, I would love to speak with you.

Sport Performance Training: The importance of strength, stability, and full-body functional movement continues to be realized by athletes everywhere. Whether at the pro level or a weekend warrior, developing adequate levels of strength, in a few select movements and exercises will save you from injury, and take your game to the next level. Experience working with endurance athletes at the Olympic level.

Postural Work: Today’s modern life, with long commutes, desk jobs, and repetitive patterns of movement, our physiques and posture have taken the toll. Not only does poor posture look unpleasant, it sets you up for injury to the knees, back, and neck. Individuals with poor posture often suffer from headaches and chronic pain. Utilizing corrective exercise, and take home exercises, we help restore proper posture, avoiding the injuries.

Training takes place in a semi private studio in the Hillcrest region of San Diego. You can tour the studio HERE. You can read about my experience HERE. Testimonials can be found HERE.