WebisteHi I’m Luke DePron the guy behind Live Great Fitness. I help people take action and improve their lives through fitness and nutrition so they can Look, Feel, and Live Great!

About Me

As a Fitness Coach I pride myself on helping  clients perform proper exercise mechanics. Proper mechanics are necessary to see results, and more importantly insure you do not get hurt! Time spent working in sports performance and rehab clinics has given me a level of experience that is hard to find in a personal trainer.

I’ve worked with everyday people looking to lose weight, and get fit, to Olympic athletes looking to gain an edge on the global scene. Time spent working with rehab patients suffering from back, knee, hip, and shoulder pain forced me to developed an incredibly detailed eye into proper movement patterns. With these clients even slightest movement impairment could mean dramatic pain! Through this experience I developed the ability to bring small changes to normal workouts that help produce dramatic effects!

Achieving results is about Moving Better, not Moving More! It’s amazing how often avid exercises find workouts with me challenging, with just a few simple tweaks to their form.

Sadly, most trainers do not possess the skill or experience to catch these details. The result, trainers default to what I call “Move More workouts.” where clients are simply encouraged to “move more” to increase the feeling of a good and challenging workout.

Yes you will feel sweaty, hot, and tired (chasing your kids around at a park achieves a similar result). However, in doing so, their is a good chance you are create mechanical and postural dysfunction, furthering yourself from your fitness goals!

A major goal of mine is to simplify exercise into something you feel confident performing. Exercise is not as difficult as most trainers make it seem. You simply need to master a few concrete movements, as almost every necessary exercise is built off one of these concrete movements!

Owner/Creator of Live Great Fitness

B.S. Exercise Science, Kinesiology Illinois State University

National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer


Live Great Fitness

Fitness Coach: One on one fitness coaching. Working one on one I assist clients through their entire fitness program. Take ALL the guesswork out, I’m with you the entire way! I create a personalized training plan. Weekly in person workouts provide accountability, and my expert eye ensures that mechanically you maximize your time spent exercising.

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Workout Consultations: Want to exercise on your own, but need direction getting started? Not looking During a Workout Consultation I educate you on how to efficiently and effectively exercise in regards to your specific needs (posture, goals, past injuries). You will learn proper form to each necessary exercise, and receive the resources (video demonstrations, personalized workout program) to continue training on your own. Number of required sessions is based off needs, ability to retain information, amount of mechanical correction needed.

If you’ve been working out and aren’t seeing the results, you may benefit from a Workout Consultation

Seminars: I’ve spoken to groups about various fitness topics. Have a group interested in learning about proper exercise, healthy eating, or workplace posture? Email luke@livegreatfitness.com for more information.

Creator of Live Great Fitness Quick Fit Guide – The fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to start exercising correctly.

Past Work Experience

Strength and Rehab Specialist, Fix Body Group: 

Working in San Diego’s premier rehab clinic I worked side by side with Dr’s of Chiropractic, Dr’s of Physical Therapy and Soft Tissue Specialist a providing a strength and rehab component to a dynamic and professional rehab team.

Rehab experience consists of movement/lifting mechanic corrections. Using strength exercises and stretching I help correct postural imbalances that influence low back, shoulder, hip, and knee, pain and dysfunction. I bring a very detailed into proper movement patterns that when applied can dramatically change your day to day approach towards movement and exercise.

Strength work with Olympic level athletes, marathoners, tri-athaletes, recreational endurance athletes, Crossfit coaches, yoga instructors, and every day people suffering from pain due to injury, post surgery rehab, poor posture, and simply poor movement patterns.

Peak Acceleration & Sports Performance Coach Colorado: I’ve trained individual and team, youth and college level athletes, to improve their strength, speed, and agility to increase on the field performance.

Fitness Together: Personal Trainer, San Diego – I created and delivered unique, in person, weekly workouts to a wide demographic of clients.

Note! I do use colorful language on this website. I’d apologize but that’s just “me being me,” and that’s all I can be.

I do my best, but you’ll find plenty of typos and misused exclamation points here. I really do get that excited though!!!! Life is short – if it’s not fun, and doesn’t excite you, it’s probably not worth doing![divider]

“Your health is valuable! Develop a health plan. A plan you will follow, because this is the only vehicle you have to carry you through this experience called life!” – Les Brown

Whether your passion is traveling the world, competing as an athlete, or being a great parent, it all starts with having the health, fitness, and energy to live out those passions. Life is better with endless energy, and the health and fitness to do anything!

Feel free to contact me at Livegreatfitness@gmail.com If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask.